Dreaming of sustainable homes

Modular home 1
Modular home ideas
Modular home Idea 3
Modular home idea 4

When I think of my dream build, the images above are what I see. I am so drawn to this style of modular housing for so many reasons.

They are aesthetically pleasing to me; hands down they have to be on the top of my list for architectural style. I love the clean lines and box shapes created by modular homes; they ooze uniformity, style, personality. The combination of materials often used are heavenly – timber, steel, concrete, glass.

Their sustainable aspect from planning to construction is hugely appealing. And due to their prefabricated factory build they are often a very speedy project (sometimes built and installed in 12 weeks!) - they are win win in my book.

Images above care of www.modscape.com.au and www.archiblox.com.au.

Posted 25 February 2015