Copper trending

I posted the above marble kitchen image with copper stools a little while ago via my Insta account – I am still gazing at it with pure love in my eyes, seriously I can’t get enough of it.

Copper is really on trend at the moment and teamed with marble, timber, white, greys, blacks – need I say more. I love the cabinets in this particluar kitchen – the seamless design and charcoal matte finish breathes style - is simple yet with just enough texture to make one want to hug them (kind of like tree hugging, but kitchen hugging, if one could achieve such a thing).

Just small touches of copper is enough to bring a point of interest to your home - you can start by replacing some existing tapware and fixtures, decorative pieces, pendants, kitchenware - just little touches if you're busting to get some copper into your space.

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Posted 31 March 2015